Live from 2 October: Options on Euro-BTP Futures

Looking for more options? We are complementing our fixed income offering with a new hedging opportunity.

Launching September 19, 2017: EURO STOXX 50® Corporate Bond Index Futures on Eurex Exchange

Manage your credit risk exposure of core Eurozone countries.

Market-making scheme for EURO STOXX 50® index options

On June 1, 2017 the already existing Market-making scheme for EURO STOXX 50® index options was amended.

A broad offer is getting even broader: 4 new MSCI Futures tradable at Eurex Exchange.

Our new additional MSCI products include derivatives on the MSCI AC Asia and MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Indexes.

Amendments in Eurex Daily Futures on KOSPI 200 Derivatives

Contract sizes in Eurex Daily Futures on KOSPI 200 Derivatives will change with effect from 27 March; therefore trading in all KOSPI contracts at Eurex will be suspended on 24 March.


Eurex Asia

Brochure: Corporate Bond Index Futures - a new asset class


Launching: Corporate Bond Index Futures

Manage your credit risk exposure of EURO STOXX 50® constituents.


A new asset class – first listed futures on a European Corporate Bond index.

Launch of additional MSCI Futures and Options

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Following the successful launch of MSCI derivatives, Eurex has recently introduced additional MSCI derivatives in May 2017. Eurex new MSCI portfolio suite now features 88 MSCI futures and 19 MSCI options, offering investors a wider global exposure.

This factsheet provides key statistics as well as the latest insights of Eurex MSCI offerings.

Product of the Month

new asset class – first listed futures on a European Corporate Bond index

The MiFID II Primer: Third-Country Framework

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MiFID II and MiFIR, the new pan-European financial market reforms, take effect in January 2018. Join Katten Muchin Rosenman UK LLP for a session that sets out the MiFID II regime applicable to third-country firms, and delves into more detail on several key topics that will affect third-country firms doing business in the EU or with EU counterparties, including: position limits, the trading obligation for mandatorily-cleared OTC derivatives, and straight-through processing requirements. First in a series.

Deutsche Börse Group Annual Social Day Event in Singapore

Airclay and watercolor painting was the theme line for this year’s annual DBG Social Day event hosted by our colleagues in Singapore. They once again joined the Association of Persons with Special Needs (APSN) team to support a group of young people with mild intellectual disability, helping them in their preparation of entering the workforce and becoming an integrated part of society.

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Spotlight on: VSTOXX® – Discovering volatility

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Our VSTOXX® Futures and Options continue to strengthen their position as the European benchmark for volatility, with an increasing number of market participants using Eurex’s volatility offering to gain or hedge their exposure in Europe.

This booklet is a compilation of selected research papers on European volatility as well as a series of articles highlighting real life applications for these products.

Delayed quotes

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FESX +0,44% 3.616,00 310.034 13:09:19
FDAX +0,53% 13.050,50 36.379 13:09:36
FGBS +0,02% 112,215 70.154 13:09:38
FGBM +0,07% 131,43 177.203 13:09:11
FGBL +0,09% 161,64 270.568 13:09:36
FBTP +0,26% 137,10 41.667 13:09:38
FOAT +0,15% 156,14 47.918 13:09:37

Oct 23, 2017 1:09:38 PM


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