We are expanding our MSCI universe

You can now trade JPY-denominated MSCI Japan and the world’s first MSCI EM Asia ex Korea Index Futures at Eurex Exchange.

All time high in Eurex Single Stock Dividend Futures!

+650,000 contracts traded in January 2018 

Eurex simplifies its corporate structure

We will change our set-up in Switzerland and strengthen our offering in Asia by extending our trading hours.

Launching September 19, 2017: EURO STOXX 50® Corporate Bond Index Futures on Eurex Exchange

Manage your credit risk exposure of core Eurozone countries.


Eurex Asia

Client’s view: on Brexit, monetary policy and market trends

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We talked to Sylvain Broyer, Head of Economics at Natixis, about the current economic and political situation in Europe, the likelihood of another financial crisis and other key issues.

Brexit – taking the complexity out of the process

Product of the Month

traded contracts since launch - another milestone achieved by Eurex Total Return Futures.

Equity Index Highlights - May 2018 edition

Year-on-year volumes for DAX®, Mini-DAX® and STOXX® Europe 600 Futures show strong growth. Here, a likely driver for future client activity will be communication from the ECB around reduction and timing of the withdrawal from quantitative easing measures in 2018. 

Enhancing CCP transparency

Part four of our “Pioneering CCP transparency” series sheds some light on Eurex Clearing’s recently published “Public Quantitative Disclosure” and provides you with an insight into our risk models and model validation.

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Elevated Vol Levels Usher In New Opportunities

Market participants are eyeing opportunities in VIX/VSTOXX spreads, 2019 dividends and alternative risk premia investing as volatility is expected to remain high following its dramatic revival in Feb 2018.

Delayed quotes

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FESX -0,34% 3.516,00 400.598 15:04:45
FDAX -0,52% 12.939,50 58.578 15:04:44
FGBS -0,00% 112,015 225.852 15:04:23
FGBM +0,03% 131,58 323.360 15:04:33
FGBL +0,12% 159,86 604.224 15:04:44
FBTP -0,05% 132,15 106.801 15:04:39
FOAT +0,27% 154,09 121.641 15:04:44
OKS2 +2,06% 14,85 11.546 15:03:39
FVS -0,52% 12.939,00 19.566 15:04:45

May 24, 2018 3:04:45 PM


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