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Eurex has successfully extended its trading hours in the Asian time zones.

We are expanding our MSCI universe

You can now trade JPY-denominated MSCI Japan and the world’s first MSCI EM Asia ex Korea Index Futures at Eurex Exchange.

20 years of Eurex. 20 years an exchange for the better.

A look back on 20 years of challenges and solutions, issues and innovations.

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Eurex Clearing to expand Partnership Program to Repo and Foreign Exchange

All time high in Eurex Single Stock Dividend Futures!

+650,000 contracts traded in January 2018 


Eurex Asia

Transaction fee waiver for selected MSCI products during the Asian trading hours 

Hedge your portfolio with Eurex MSCI futures with transaction fee waiver until 30th of June 2019 for selected Asian MSCI index futures.

Attractive alpha generating opportunities: Spread trading Eurex and ASX bond futures

New content item

The recently introduced Eurex extended trading hours create the opportunity to spread trade German/Australian fixed income futures. Thomas Browne, Fixed Income Quantitative Analyst from ITC, explains the quantitative link between German and Australian fixed income futures.

Product Highlights

Increase in Eurex Open Interest in 2018 - 120,467,829 contracts

What experts from the Asian financial community say

ETH video

Extended trading hours create extended opportunities. How do customers feel about it? Our video has the answer.

Extended trading hours. Extended opportunities for Market Makers.

Globality trading hours

Aditya Babel from Flow Traders explains how Eurex’ extended trading hours will help improve transparency and pricing of different financial assets. 

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Extended trading hours in Asia – more alpha for the sell and the buy side?

Eurex’ extension of trading hours to cover the Asia Pacific time zone for liquid Benchmark Fixed Income Products are an  opportunity to generate alpha for both the sell and the buy side says our Deputy Global Head, Fixed Income Trading & Clearing Sales, Byron Baldwin.

Delayed quotes

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FESX +0,00% 3.242,00 2.251 02:33:17
FDAX -0,00% 11.318,00 356 02:32:36
FGBS -0,00% 111,860 223 01:15:18
FGBM -0,01% 133,15 149 02:04:04
FGBL +0,00% 166,51 650 02:25:04
FBTP +0,03% 127,70 108.808 18:59:59
FOAT -0,07% 153,21 97.312 18:59:55
OKS2 -2,80% 15,65 23.365 22:03:20
FVS -0,01% 11.319,00 156 02:32:55

Feb 18, 2019 2:33:17 AM


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