Clearance for Eurex Clearing Asia: new Singapore-based Clearing House to start in 2016

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has granted “in-principle” regulatory clearance for the set up of our new clearing house.

Fee holiday for Daily Futures on TAIEX derivatives extended

The fee waiver on fees for Daily Futures on TAIEX derivatives has been extended for a further three months until 31 March 2015.

Asia ETrading Calendar 2015. Now available.

Exchange holidays, Exchange trading hours, settlement information, Tick Sizes and much more at a glance in this free download. Available in English, Japanese and Chinese.

Good start into the New Year: Trader Development Program 2015

The incentive scheme supports traders from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas new to Eurex markets. Qualify for the program and benefit from significant fee waivers.

Fee holiday for EURIBOR Futures

Benefit from a zero fee period until 31 March 2015 and a range of new functionality & features for EURIBOR Futures trading at the home of the Euro yield curve.


Eurex Asia

Recorded webinar: Cross market spread trading on Eurex/TAIFEX Link

Edward Hardman, Eurex, explained the opportunities of cross market spread trading in our joint webinar with SFI on 28 Nov 2014. Recorded webinar is now available on our website in English and Chinese.

Andreas Preuss about Eurex Clearing Asia

Eurex Clearing Asia will generate new and interesting business opportunities for our customers, and we are becoming an integral part of the financial center of Singapore.

Andreas Preuss, Deputy CEO of Deutche Börse AG & CEO of Eurex

Product of the month

The ongoing success story of weekly options

Delayed quotes

ProductDiff. to previous dayLast PriceContractsTime
FESX -1,80% 3.335,00 1.369.699 22:03:24
FDAX -1,45% 10.650,00 120.442 22:03:24
FGBS +0,02% 111,240 270.581 22:03:24
FGBM +0,15% 130,87 422.300 22:03:24
FGBL +0,59% 159,48 634.940 22:03:24
FBTP +0,08% 138,39 103.907 19:00:00
FOAT +0,46% 149,92 76.071 18:59:55

Jan 30, 2015 10:03:24 PM

Asian Flyer updated

Find information about our commitment and activities in Asia markets as well as an overview of our product range relevant to the Asian markets.

A broad offer is getting even broader: 14 new MSCI Futures arrive on 17 November.

Our new additional MSCI products include derivatives on the MSCI Kokusai and MSCI World MidCap Indexes.

All relevant Eurex products at a glance: Download our new mobile App.

Relevant data for more than 1,500 futures and options on your iPhone or Android phone. Get a complete market overview and set your personal watch list and alerts. Fast, easy and for free.


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