2017 Trading Calendar available online

The new 2017 calendar is available for download on our website showing all trading phases, hours and holiday regulations.  You can also export the whole calendar to iCal.

Factsheet: Index Total Return Futures (TRF)

Listed Solution for implied equity repo trading via EURO STOXX 50® Index Total Return Futures (TESX).

DAX® Derivatives - extension of volatility strategies

On 20 June 2016 the volatility strategy functionality was extended to incorporate Mini-DAX® Futures. In addition, settlement prices for Mini-DAX®- and DAX®-Futures are harmonized.

T7 release 4.0 on 21 November

With the new release, Trading Participants can enter off-book transactions via our T7 trading platform.


Eurex Asia

Optimizing index investments with MSCI Futures and Options

Our latest presentation shows that we have listed the majority of MSCI benchmarks used by fund managers worldwide and how you can take advantage of the growing success of our MSCI derivatives.

Opalesque Roundtable Asia Series. Available Now.

Eurex representatives in Asia have participated in four Opalesque roundtable discussions with the buy-side market participants. Read the transcripts below to understand the recent buy-side trends in the respective countries.

Eurex product brochure 2017 available now

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From Interest Rate Derivatives to Property Derivatives. All asset classes and products at a glance. 

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Delayed quotes

ProductDiff. to prev. day lastLast priceContractsTime
FESX -0,33% 3.310,00 235.498 12:54:30
FDAX -0,39% 11.802,50 23.670 12:54:20
FGBS -0,02% 112,635 236.494 12:54:26
FGBM -0,01% 134,69 270.021 12:54:30
FGBL -0,04% 165,85 381.135 12:54:30
FBTP +0,42% 132,78 67.672 12:54:17
FOAT -0,01% 149,85 78.134 12:54:30

Feb 28, 2017 12:54:30 PM

VSTOXX® Futures crossed 10 million mark

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Designed to reflect the investor sentiment and overall economic uncertainty by measuring the 30-day implied volatility of the options on EURO STOXX 50®, the Futures on the VSTOXX® truly outperformed by hitting the 10 million mark of traded contracts. Driven by events such as Brexit or the American elections, the futures have risen 40% in 2016 alone and are poised for 2017.


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Sophia Sung

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