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Eurex has always been at the forefront of electronic trading. Our success has been built on the development of robust and reliable trading and clearing technology, which allowed us to take our markets around the globe.

Eurex Group gives members the flexibility to choose how they connect to the integrated, fully electronic derivatives trading and clearing platform. In order to meet client expectations with respect to innovative, reliable and cost-efficient technologies, Eurex Group offers various connection alternatives designed to meet the needs of all types of participants for accessing Eurex Exchange or Eurex Clearing.

To keep pace with technological advances as well as meet customer demand for speed and reliability Eurex continually optimizes its technology. Our new trading architecture represents the best-in-class technology solution and offers greater system flexibility, allowing for reduced time-to-market when introducing new financial products and new functionalities. The high-performance messaging architecture reduces latency to a minimum, allows fast communication and uses the utmost reliable database systems.

Deutsche Börse and Eurex operate 13 access points in major international financial centers, including two Access Point in Hong Kong and Singapore. Access points offer Eurex member firms direct, high-speed and cost-effective network access to Eurex's highly liquid trading platform.

Eurex's interfaces provide a number of benefits to users, namely increased customization, hardware independence, and flexibility.

In addition to the official Graphical User Interface (GUI), Eurex also gives access to the open interfaces, for both members and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to develop applications or offer technical services.

ISVs can register at Eurex by completing and returning the Vendor Registration Form. Registered vendors will be supplied with all relevant information. To search for an ISV please visit our international website.