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Trading on Eurex is simply a must to cover your exposure to the European financial markets. Our wide range of more than 1,900 products across ten traditional and alternative asset classes includes some of the world's most heavily traded futures and options contracts.

The product range comprises:

  • Fixed Income Derivatives (Bund, Bobl, Schatz – EUR-denominated German Government Bond Futures)
  • Equity Index Derivatives (i.e. EURO STOXX 50® Index Futures, DAX® Futures, KOSPI 200 Options)
  • Equity Derivatives (Equity Options and Single Stock Futures based on European top brands from the electronic, automotive and financial sector e.g. BMW, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Siemens)

Furthermore, ETFs, dividend, volatility, weather, property and a growing choice in commodity futures and options complement our broad offering. But we are also working in partnership with local Asian exchanges to expand the range of Asian derivatives available at Eurex Exchange. Most prominently, the Eurex/KRX Link provides customers with trading opportunities in KOSPI 200 Options after Korean and during core European and American trading hours.

Find out more about our trading activities in Asia in our Trading Calendar.

Real-time Market Data

Eurex real-time market data is available directly from Deutsche Börse Group as well as via third party data vendors. Market participants who are not Eurex members can subscribe to Market Data & Analytics direct data feed which delivers the same information as the feed Eurex members are provided with. It contains the complete Eurex trade chronology and un-netted pre-trade information.