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MSCI Indexes

MSCI Indexes

MSCI Indexes are some of the world’s most widely tracked benchmarks, with about USD 10 trillion linked to them. They also serve as the basis for over 500 Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

The massive amount of capital benchmarked against MSCI Indexes and the improved tradability of index based products via ETFs has led to the increased need for futures and options.

The reason is they help managers facilitate in and outflows of funds, hedge existing equity exposure and enhance portfolio performance.

MSCI index futures contracts: Improved Access for Participants in the U.S.

As of 24 October 2016, Eurex Participants and investors domiciled in the U.S. will have 13 additional MSCI index futures contracts available for trading. Please refer to the circular for further info.

Up-to-date with Eurex Exchange's MSCI news

The most important facts on volumes, open interest and more news from the segment – now in our latest edition of the MSCI news.

Optimizing index investments with MSCI Futures and Options

Our latest presentation shows that we have listed the majority of MSCI benchmarks used by fund managers worldwide and how you can take advantage of the growing success of our MSCI derivatives.

MSCI products volume & open interest in thousands

Eurex listed an additional 14 MSCI index futures in September 2016, bringing the total number to an unrivalled 72 futures and 15 options.


Covering entire regions and single countries

Investors can now gain exposure to entire regions and single countries via Eurex Exchange's MSCI index derivatives offering. The complete suite of products available covers developed, emerging and frontier markets and includes a number of attractive contracts based on popular benchmark indexes, for example futures and options on the

  • MSCI World Index, covering the universe of developed markets as a whole
  • MSCI Europe Index, the leading benchmark for European equity funds
  • MSCI Emerging Markets Index, measuring performance of equities in the global emerging markets

Access to developed and emerging markets

With our regional MSCI Emerging Markets Index derivatives our participants can not only gain access to leading benchmarks for fund managers, but also to single emerging market countries in Asia (like India or Thailand), Eastern Europe (like Poland or Russia), Africa (like South Africa or Egypt) or Latin America (like Mexico or Chile).

In addition to these combined emerging markets indexes there is also the possibility to choose single countries for your investment, e.g. with our futures on the MSCI Russia, MSCI Japan, MSCI Peru or MSCI South Africa Index.

Frontier markets to watch

Also available are the so-called frontier markets including, for example, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Kuwait and Vietnam. The MSCI Frontier Markets Index shows potential to develop into another benchmark over time and we are showing our early commitment to emerging and frontier market derivatives.


MSCI trading corner: How to trade a cross market spread

Following up on our collar strategy with derivatives on the MSCI World Index, we would like to draw your attention to a cross market spread based on our successful MSCI products. Please have a look.


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FMCN -0,14% 724,50 0 20:25:40

May 23, 2017 8:25:40 PM