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This site provides an overview of all current and upcoming Eurex Clearing projects and initiatives.

Prisma Release 9.1

With the Prisma Release 9.1 Eurex Clearing plans the decommissioning of PRISMA Intraday Transparency Enabler (TE) Files (Early Files) and enhanced Risk Solution in March 2020. 

Simulation: 28 January 2020
Production: 16 March 2020

C7 Release 6.1

C7 Release 6.1 is a mandatory release for all members of Eurex Clearing, i.e. Clearing Members and DC Market Participants.

Simulation:   4 May 2020
Production: 29 June 2020

EurexOTC Clear Release 10.1

With the  EurexOTC Clear Release 10.1, Eurex Clearing plans changes the EurexOTC Clear interfaces (GUI, Reports, FpML interface) and clearing eligibility of SOFR swaps are expected.

Simulation: 28 May 2020
Production: 27 July 2020

Eurex Clearing's C7 SCS

The new Securities Clearing platform “C7 Securities Clearing Service”, Release 1.0, will be introduced on 28 June 2021. It will be introduced for all transactions involving CCP-eligible instruments concluded at XETR and XFRA and for all transactions concluded at XEUR that result in securities transactions. 

Simulation  Feb 2021
Production: 28 Jun 2021

T2-T2S Consolidation

The T2-T2S consolidation project is a European infrastructure project driven by the European Central Bank (ECB) with a planned go-live in November 2021.

Simulation: Mar 2021
Production: 22 Nov 2021