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08:15Registration and Breakfast
09:00Welcome Speech
Thomas Book, Chief Executive Officer, Eurex

What can the financial industry do?
James von Moltke, CFO, Deutsche Bank    


Panel Discussion: How to strengthen European financial markets and the role of the Euro?

  • How to establish the EU27 as a competitive and prospering economic area supported by financial markets built on principles of stability, transparency and fairness?
  • How to increase the attractiveness for foreign investment in the EU27?
  • What role are financial market infrastructures and banks play – what is the role of politicians and regulators?
  • How to strengthen the international role of the single currency?

Moderator: Annette Weisbach, Correspondent Germany, CNBC


  • Fiona van Echelpoel, Deputy Director General, DG Market Infrastructure & Payments, European Central Bank    
  • James von Moltke, CFO, Deutsche Bank 
  • Erik Müller, CEO, Eurex Clearing 
10:15Networking Break & Coffee
Meet our sponsors, network with your peers and enjoy freshly brewed coffee varieties.
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Parallel Streams


Sustainable and Competitive Clearing in Europe, Jan Bart de Boer, Chief Commercial Officer, ABN AMRO Clearing Bank


Panel Discussion: A path forward for CCP Resilience, Recovery & Resolution

The industry and regulators continue to work on risk measures for CCPs to ensure defaults and other risks are unlikely to cause major damage to the global system.  

  • What is the state-of-play of negotiations on the proposed framework for recovery and resolution of CCPs in the European Union and the level of skin-in the-game that will be required. 
  • How to further improve resilience, facilitate recovery and enhance resolution for safer markets?
  • Are further reforms necessary to cover all aspects of CCP recovery, including default auctions and varying margin models?

Moderator: Rogier van Kempen Executive Director, Head of Clearinghouse Risk Strategy & Advisory, J.P. Morgan


  • Lee Betsill, Chief Risk Officer, CME Group
  • Cecile Barthelemy, Global Head Market Infrastructure Risk, BNP Paribas
  • Vicky Hsu, Director, Counterparty Risk, BlackRock
  • Dmitrij Senko, Chief Risk Officer, Eurex Clearing
  • Sarah Shore, Executive Director, Prime Services, Goldman Sachs International 


Panel Discussion: The Future of FX

Understanding the impact of new capital and margin requirements on FX clearing.

  • What are the drivers motivating institutions to clear their FX?
  • The role of automated and electronic trading in creating liquidity and greater use of clearing.
  • Is big data changing the sector and how can we monitor and use it effectively? Is the future all electronic?
  • What impact is regulation having on the market?

Moderator: Matthias Voelkel, Partner, McKinsey & Company


  • Christoph Hock, Head Multi-Asset Trading, Union Investment 
  • Jeremy Smart, Global Head of Distribution, XTX 
  • David Reid, Global Head of FX Brokerage, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
  • Jens Quiram, Global Head of FX Derivatives, Eurex


Panel Discussion: Frontiers between on- & off-book markets

The central order book plays a pivotal role in exchange trading. It enables price discovery, provides transparency, builds confidence in a product’s liquidity and stimulates arbitrage and algorithmic trading opportunities. 

  • Could limitations to the order book in some products be overcome? 
  • Will large or complex orders still be handled via phone-based block trades ten years from now, or will this model be phased-out and replaced
  • Can the order book further push the frontier between on- and off-book trading.

Moderator: Annette Weisbach, Correspondent Germany, CNBC


  • Stefan Thomsen, Senior Business Expert Trading, Union Investment
  • Randolf Roth, Member of the Executive Board, Eurex
  • Nikolas Weber, Institutional Trading, Optiver
  • Tobias Lindemann, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
11:50Transition Break

 Parallel Streams



Panel Discussion: Regulatory Focus - Global Market Access

  • Derivatives – global reach, local flavour – how to strike the balance?
  • CCP oversight: are foreign central counterparties (CCPs) posing a systemic risk to domestic markets?
  • EMIR 2.2 beyond 2020: What is the impact on third-country central counterparties

Moderator: Annette Weisbach, Correspondent Germany, CNBC


  • Dawn D. Stump, Commissioner, CFTC
  • Jochen Metzger, Director General, Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Michael Voisin, Global Head of Capital Markets, Linklaters LLP


Fireside Chat: The evolution of the ETF ecosystem - understanding and evaluating ETF Liquidity

  • Development of the ETF ecosystem in Europe, ETF options as an additional tool
  • Are ETFs really contributing to volatility and increased correlation in underlying markets?
  • Examining the growth of passive investing and the impact on trading

Moderator: Tanzeel Akhtar, Investment Journalist  


  • Zubin Ramdarshan, Head of Equity and Index Product Design, Eurex
  • Max Linne, Director, EMEA ETF Markets Coverage, BlackRock
  • Joerg Sengfelder, ETF Institutional Trader, Flow Traders
  • Oliver Kilian, Director, Multi Asset Platform Sales – ETF Specialist, UniCredit Bank


Lunch & Networking Break
To be served in the Foyer and on the first floor


"What can machine learn from humans?", Peng Cheng, Head of Machine Learning, J.P. Morgan 

13:45Transition Break

Parallel Streams



Funding & Financing Workshop: Bringing cleared repo to the buy-side

Evaluating the current state of funding markets: How the buy-side can benefit from electronic execution and cleared repo?

  • What are the challenges for the European repo markets from both buy-side and sell-side perspective?
  • How does the current market structure look like? Where are differences in the in different market segments? What is the interlinkage to the derivatives market?
  • What are potential solutions and how will the European repo market evolve?

Moderator: Annette Weisbach, Correspondent Germany, CNBC


  • Alexander Jacobs, Global Head of OTC Derivatives, ABN AMRO Clearing 
  • Matthias Graulich, Member of the Executive Board, Eurex Clearing
  • Paul van de Moosdijk, Senior Treasury Manager, PGGM 
  • Christian Schuetze, Head of Cross Asset Secured Financing Sales, DACH & Nordics, Societe Generale 


Fireside Chat: How is FinTech going to impact the asset management industry? 

The main FinTech-related concern of asset and wealth managers is pressure on margins. Those who engage with FinTech accordingly expect to see their costs reduced from doing so.

  • Is the buy side underestimating the disruptive potential of new entrants?
  • How important are data analytics and automation of asset allocation such as robo-advisors?
  • What are the key FinTech-related trends?

Moderator: Felix Scheffka, CFO, Blockchain HELIX AG  


  • Peng Cheng, Head of Machine Learning, J.P. Morgan 
  • Stephan Scholl, COO, Universal Investment  
  • Oliver Kroll, CPO, Scorable
  • Bastian Lechner, Founder & CEO, Catana Capital  


Panel Discussion: Digital Assets – evolution or revolution for the financial industry

Sovereign banks, financial institutions and corporations alike are experimenting with issuing their own tokens – ensuring the debate around digital currencies is not going away anytime soon. 

  • What is the impact of blockchain technology on financial market infrastructure and what role may Digital Assets play over the next ten years?
  • What are its implications for investors, global finance, technology and beyond?

Moderator: Rudolf Siebel, Managing Director, BVI 


  • Benjamin Duve, Director, Head of Custody & Direct Market Access, Commerzbank
  • Thomas Triebel, Sen. Manager Business Development, MEAG 
  • Jens Hachmeister, Managing Director, Issuer Services & New Digital Markets, Deutsche Börse
  • Guido Strömer, Founding Partner, HQLAx
14:40Networking Break & Coffee
Meet our sponsors, network with your peers and enjoy freshly brewed coffee varieties.
Foyer & First floor

Parallel Streams



Panel Discussion: The evolving role of collateral

Post-crisis regulatory reform has dramatically increased the requirement to manage collateral at a time that cost pressures have forced financial institutions to seek out efficiency.

  • What are the best practices in collateral efficiency today?
  • New ways of thinking about the cost of collateral.
  • The role of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation in Collateral Management

Moderator: Annette Weisbach, Correspondent Germany, CNBC


  • Clement Cordier, Head of Derivatives Clearing Services, HSBC France
  • Philip Simons, Global Head of Sales, Fixed Income Derivatives Funding & Financing, Eurex 
  • Gavin Jackson, Co-Founder, Capitalab
  • Marco Basteck, Head of EMEA Fixed Income & Currency Trading, Head of Asset and Liability Strategies, DWS


Panel Discussion: Dispersion trading – evolution, developments & current market environment

The correlation between realized and implied volatility, including the differences between an index and its individual constituents, can create interesting opportunities.

  • What is dispersion trading?
  • To what extent are liquidity criteria considered during the investment process and what guidelines are taken into account? 
  • What are the preferred ways of trading and does it differ depending on a specific asset class?

Moderator: Philipp Schultze, Head Equity & Index Sales EMEA, Eurex   


  • Conor Richardson, Managing Director, Equity Derivative Trading, J.P. Morgan
  • Daniel Danon, Head of Volatility Portfolio Management, Assenagon
  • Thomas Chassenieux, Fund Manager, Exane Asset Management 


Panel Discussion: A deep dive into ESG investing

The rising appetite for ESG and sustainable investment strategies is showing no signs of abating.

  • What are the substantial elements of an ESG portfolio? 
  • Will there be a future where all products are ESG weighed? Or will ESG be just another factor in generating alpha?
  • How can we make the ‘G’ in ESG tradeable and will the future hold separate E, S and G products?

Moderator: Christian O'Dwyer, ESG & Idea Generation Product Specialist, Bloomberg 


  • Petra Pflaum, Managing Director, EMEA Co-Head of Equities & CIO for Responsible Investments, DWS
  • Daniel R. Sailer, Vice President, ESG Strategy & Advisory, Metzler Asset Management
  • Michael Peters, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Eurex
16:05Networking Break & Coffee
Meet our sponsors, network with your peers and enjoy freshly brewed coffee varieties.
Foyer & First floor

Parallel Streams


Panel Discussion: IBOR reform

Transitioning from IBOR to Risk-free Rates
Driven by declining liquidity in the unsecured inter-bank lending market, firms are facing a significant amount of planning in the lead up to 2021. 

  • What will the post-Libor world look like?
  • Pivotal insights into the key challenges firms face in the lead up.
  • How are firms preparing for a post-Libor environment?

Moderator: Stephan Lutz, Financial Services, Partner, Capital Markets Lead, PwC 


  • Thilo Rossberg, Head of FICC Markets, LBBW 
  • Ales Lipensky, Head of Derivatives Funding, Director, Deutsche Bank
  • Lee Bartholomew, Head of Fixed Income Product R&D, Eurex
  • Christian Forma, IRD Trader, Helaba 

Panel Discussion: Tomorrow’s alpha

Asset Management has long been dominated by investments in long-established asset classes, products and investment styles. However, regulatory changes, sustainability and the competition of passive investing rapidly changes the industry.

  • Where is Asset Management heading? 
  • What products and strategies will be the go-to tools of the trade to differentiate themselves from the competition? 
  • What alternative investments have the highest potential?

Moderator: Matthias Knab, Founder, Opalesque


  • Christophe Roehri, Deputy CEO, TOBAM
  • Christoph Schon, Executive Director, Applied Research, Qontigo 
  • Andreas Kalusche, CEO, Prime Capital AG

Panel Discussion: ESG Portfolio Construction 

While portfolios are already shifting from existing benchmarks to sustainable alternatives, 71% of institutional investors stated that all their portfolios will be managed according to ESG principles by 2030.

  • How important is the methodology of the ESG derivatives– negative screening/light exclusions?
  • Screened, Exclusion, Leaders, Universal, scoring – what methodology for what purpose?  
  • What role does ESG investing play in portfolio management?  Seek more alpha or ‘just’ to manage unwanted sustainability risks?

Moderator: Annette Weisbach, Correspondent Germany, CNBC


  • Christine Heyde, Equity & Index Product Design, Product Development Manager, Eurex
  • Neha Coulon, EMEA Head of Capital Strategies, Sustainable Finance, J.P. Morgan
  • George Harrington, Managing Director & Global Head of Derivatives, OTC & Structured Products, MSCI
17:20Transition Break

Concluding Keynote: Outlook 2020 – Economical and geopolitical developments

  • Martin Lück, Chief Investment Strategist, BlackRock

Closing Remarks & Networking Reception


Networking Drinks Reception - Open to All Attendees

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